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Japanese Cave

Bat Cave Temple (Pura Goa Lawah)

Pura Goa Lawah is an area that is sacred and beautiful. There is no fusion between the sea and the mountains (phallus-yoni). As the name suggests, in this temple there is a cave inhabited by thousands of bats. Rumbling sound boisterous incessant bat, morning, noon let alone at night. Blink of tens, hundreds or even …

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Kertagosa (Ancient justice court)

Kerta Gosa is one of the mainstay attractions Klungkung regency, Bali. Built in 1686 by Dewa Agung Jambe, Gili Garden Kerta Gosa has unique characteristics that no other tourist attraction. Kerta Gosa is an open structure (bale) which is officially part of the Castle complex Semarapura. Located in the heart of the Capital Semarapura Klungkung …

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Unda River (Tukad Unda)

Kamasan Village (Kamasan painting)

Klungkung Monument

Puri Agung Klungkung

Lembongan Island and Jungut Batu beach

Nusa Penida island and Giri Putri Temple

Watu Klotok beach – Kusamba beach – Lepang beach