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Bali Fishing tour
Fishing activity is very incredible and exciting activity to be experienced, when we see the sea, it is gonna be big temptation to explore more what we can see in the under sea world, specially catching the incredible creator that lives there, like the beautiful and big fish. It is not only hobby sometimes, bit it can make you having the great experience of fun and adventure, as well as to exercise your patient.  This day it is not difficult to experience it in Bali, you can make it when you are having in Bali island. As in Bali we offer many types of fishing to be enjoyed.

Bali fishing tour is very exciting tour to do in Bali, As Bali has many variations of fish such as: Marlin, Giant Trevally, Tuna Dogtooth, Tuna Yellowfin, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Barracuda, Ruby Snapper and very big Amberjack. We are Bali Fishing jigging and popping specialists, but you will also enjoy fantastic trolling sensation in all our spots!! Our Bali Fishing tour takes you to a number of amazing Bali Fishing location around Nusa Dua, Tulamben, Lembongan and Lombok. Are you ready for BALI FISHING STRIKES??? Feel getting tired and bored when you spend your holiday in Bali with just staying at your hotel? Why don’t you try to fishing and get interesting experience catch a big fish. Book a Bali Fishing Tour with Bali Hello Fishing! The opportunity to hook up “the big one” awaits you as you venture from land to beautiful blue open water spaces on the licensed boat. Bali Hello Fishing will take you to the game fishing area around Nusa Penida Island, or Southern part of Bali Island, within 1 hour. You will troll for Big Tuna fish, Blue Marlin, Mackerel, and many other species of deep water game fish. Also, we offer bottom fishing where you have a good chance to catch snappers, blue trevally, scribbled filefish, etc. While fishing, you can enjoy beautiful open water scenery from the boat. Our licensed captain will transport you around the sacred island of Nusa Penida, or the southern coastal waters of Bali where you can view spectacular sites, including the ancient Uluwatu Temple. We offer you snorkeling equipment to enjoy swimming with amazing visibility and aquatic life at Nusa Penida. Our professional guides of Jigging Master of Bali will assist you on board during your fishing trip, and they will share new jigging, popping or trawling techniques with you.

Bali-Lombok Fishing Tour takes you to the game fishing area around Nusa Penida Island and Southern part of Lombok Island. Within 1.5 hours you will arrive at Lombok Island. You will cast for big Tuna, Blue Marlin, Mackerel, big Giant Trevally , Huh..we got the big one..Dog Tooth and Hamer Jack and many other species of deepwater game fish. Also we offer bottom fishing where you have a good chance to catch snappers, blue trevally, scribbied filefish, etc. We know all the best fishing spots around Bali and Lombok to find them.

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Bali Fishing Activity Types

Trolling is a fishing technique which is to leave unattended or live bait behind a boat moving at a slow or average speed, in about 3 to 5 knots, and up to 10 knots. It is sometimes practiced using an echo sounder to monitor structures and determine the best places.

Coral Fishing
A Very wide range of fish will eat our shrimp bait: Snapper, Grouper, Trigger Fish and many other unique color fish will be hooked up. Fishing on boat and we set down the anchor in the fishing point to avoid the moving the boat from the wave. Then enjoy your fishing activity while viewing the nice sea water view around you!

The jig is done from a boat. It is a deep-sea fishing, from 20 to over 150 meters with sealed metal lures called jigs which sunk to the bottom before a surge, in rocking vertically. The special profile of the jigs allows the butterflies move under water during the descent. It can explores, with the jig, a large column of water. 
With the specific material developed, especially in Japan, the jig allows exploration of deeper zones and subject to strong currents that are very much exploited by other forms of fishing. The jig can make fishing a incredible days, but we should be careful not too fish into the area of  species conservation. Also, try to release the fish that have not reached reproductive size.The jig fishing, or vertical jig fishing, is very popular today, which has been long widely practiced in Japan, and allows the capture of a wide variety of fish.

This “pop” sound at the surface of the water can  aroused the curiosity / aggressive predator in the sea.This popper concept is awesome , this lure has its front (nose of the lure) bent in such a way that each drawn from the tip of the stick, this part shoot in to the water by puncturing the surface of the water and making the angry “pop” sound   and leaving a trail of bubbles behind him.With the application of powerful video and radio for your advantage , the popper vibrates rather silent basic frequency coupled to a cavitations effect on the surface which perfectly reproduce the leak of a panic prey, the bubbles left in the trail of the popper also help facilitated the vision of the predator that will follow the trail very closely before attacking!

Mangrove Fishing
The mangrove fishing is more than a fishing trip, it’s an amazing natural adventures. There are exotic tropical birds, reptiles and much endangered wild life in this most of natural environs. The guides are locally-born and are qualified experts at spotting the flora and fauna. In this kind of fishing we could catch small fish and small crab.

Night Fishing
When the sun goes down and the stars come out, the view as different for game fish as it is for fishermen. The night time world however is completely familiar to fish. To most fisherman it often seems a strange first time experience, a kind of fishing which a person never really becomes adjusted to. It is totally unlike any fishing you have done before, but to a true saltwater fisherman the night is the only time to fish. Night fishing can often be the most productive time to fish, for the fisherman willing to master the different techniques, entirely different! The differences are not merely the lack of light, the entire approach and attitude of the angler must come 180 degrees. Usually, for those whom are willing to make the adjustment and put up with the inconveniences of fishing in the dark, the rewards are worth the extra effort. The most obvious reason fishing at night is that most fish are nocturnal as well as diurnal, with more of an emphasis on the nocturnal side than most fisherman realize.

Sunset BBQ Fishing
How about a romantic evening on the water with a unique fishing experience while enjoyed the sunset and BBQ. The fishing trips are usually from 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM, the rest time we spend for BBQ at the wonderful quiet and unspoiled beach or at the restaurant near the beach. In this location an idyllic setting we provide a delicious sea food BBQ dinner.

Bali Fishing equipments
The Boats
Boat length: 12 meters &  Engines: 2 stroke Suzuki 150HP x2 / or 2 stroke Suzuki 250HP x2, 40 knots
GPS,  Fishfinder and private toilet
Fishing capacity for 6 anglers, Maximum 10-14 persons on board
Rods & Reels
2 reels 80 LBS + rods Penn International
2 reels 50 LBS Penn Senator + rods Penn Senator
5 sets of rods and reels for jigging: Jig Master, Simano, Accurate, Carpenter, Patriot

Enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery while your game fishing ….. Catches & Release…Trust this for the big Fun and Excitement experience on Bali island!

 Bali Fishing Rate, Valid until Nov, 2013

Fishing Activity Rate Charter Rate Duration Capacity
Trolling Fishing  USD 130 USD 450 / boat  4 – 5 hours 2 – 6 pax
Coral Fishing  USD 130 USD 450 / boat  4 – 5 hours 2 – 6  pax
Jigging Fishing  USD 130 USD 450 / boat  4 – 5 hours 2 – 6  pax
Popping Fishing  USD 130 USD 450 / boat  4 – 5 hours 2 – 6  pax
Mangrove Fishing USD 70 USD 200 / boat  4 – 5 hours 4  pax
Night Fishing USD 60 USD 200 / boat  4  hours 2 – 6  pax
Sunset BBQ Fishing USD 60 USD 200 / boat  4  hours 2 – 6  pax

 The following services are inclusive :

  • Return transfers from your hotel (Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, Jimbaran and Ubud area) to the site.
  • Fishing Guide.
  • Skipper, Boat, captain and crew for 4-6 hours trip
  • Lunch box, soft drink and mineral water.
  • Bait or lures.
  • Complete Fishing Equipment ( Bottom and trolling).
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Insurance cover

- Price is per person or boat for 2 -  6 persons, for 4-5 hours every trip. Extra hour at USD 70 / boat
- Minimum participant is required for 2 persons. ( sharing fishing trip is valid in some case with other guest)

Contact us to get a special price if you are less than 4 persons!

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