Taman Merah Spa Bali

Taman Merah Spa is a sophisticated spa facility established to introduce international travellers to Bali’s natural healing and beauty traditions. The spa is a private sanctuary committed to wellness concepts.
Purposely designed to appeal to a unisex clientele, Taman Merah Spa comes to life through contemporary furnishings in a dynamic shade of red. Celebrating Bali’s evolving spa industry, Taman Merah Spa ventures beyond the aesthetics to focus wholly on rejuvenation. Taman Merah Spa is part of a progressive tourism based company that also owns Bali Island Villas. The company has chosen cater to the needs of seasoned travellers who expect genuine hospitality and quality service.

Taman Merah Spa is staffed by professionally trained local therapists who have combined elements of Bali’s healing heritage with new-age awareness. The spa’s vision is to encourage everyone to partake in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Spa Menus & Rates
All rates are quoted in US$ and NET, include 21% Government Tax & Service Charge, and valid for one person.


Massage Treatments
1. Head Massage – Rp 160.000 (30 minutes)
This stimulating treatment is used to release head tension and encourage. Blood circulation to clear the mind and leave you feeling revitalized.

2. Back Massage – Rp 160.000 (30 minutes)
Designed to eliminate stress in the back and shoulder region, this Invigorating treatment focuses on relaxing the muscles to allow fluid movement.

3. Balinese Massage – Rp 220.000 (60 minutes
Feel the touch of a Balinese exotic massage to relieve the tension And tiredness of your body with thumb and palm pressure.

4. Thai Massage Rp 250.000 (60 Minutes)
A full body massage without oil focusing on the point from the sole Through out the body by pressure by thumb palm, arm and elbow.

5. Aromatheraphy Massage Rp 450.000 (90minutes)
A gentle therapy massage using an aromatherapy massage oil that benefit and effect someone mood and health

6. Balancing Rp 550.000 (120 minutes)
A soothing therapy that implements the art of touch with essential Oils to help you achieve balance between the body, mind and spirit.

7. Therapotic Massage Rp 400.000  (90 minutes)
A combination between Balinese and Swedish Massage focuses with elbow pressure technique.

8. Maternity Massage Rp 250.000 (60 minutes)
A gentle therapy massage especially for pregnant woman to ease sore and tiredness and allow the blood circulation running well.

9. Hot Stone Treatment  Rp 450.000 (120 minutes)
The heated river stones of this invigorating treatment penetrate the Skin to alleviate muscle tension and ignite the senses.

10.Foot Massage Treatment Rp 150.000 (30 minutes)
This gentle treatment soothes tired feet and puts the bounce back into your step.

11. Reflexology  Rp 350.000 (60 minutes)
This ancient curative technique stimulates reflex points on the Feet that relate to specific body parts to evoke health and vitality.

12.Ayurweda  Rp 500.000 (60 minutes)
An Indian Oil Massage treatment in which warmed medicated oil steadily. Drips on the forehead, ideal to pacify your feel, stimulate. The scalp and added fullness and Luster hair.

Beauty Care Treatments
Rp 350.000 Traditional Crème Bath (60 minutes)
A popular Indonesian treatment that massages the scalp with a rich, Conditioner to strength follicles and nourish the hair to achieve a glossy look.

Rp 300.000Facial (60 minutes)
A deep cleansing treatment using high quality products that will leave. Your skin with a healthy glow.

Rp 350.000Body Scrub (60 minutes)
A fragrant scrub concocted of natural ingredients is applied to the body To gently exfoliate the skin and make it feels fresh.

Rp 300.000Hair Spa (60 minutes)
A new level of hair care program that gives the hair the extraordinary feeling of A Spa treatment for smooth luxuriously shining hair everyday.

Rp 200.000Manicure (60 minutes)
Full nail grooming combined with massage to smoothen and pamper your hand or  Full nail grooming combined with massage to smoothen and pamper your feet

Package Treatments
Rp 500.000Spa Body Work (120 minutes)
An indulging combination of a 90 minute Balancing with your Choice of Foot Massage or Head Massage.

Rp 550.000Retreat at Island Spa (150 minutes)
A nurturing 90 minute balancing followed by your choice of Beauty Treatment.

Rp 750.000Bali Ritual (180 minutes)
Our signature treatment is composed of an energizing Balinese Massage. Followed by your choice of Beauty Treatment.

Rp 750.000Total Beauty Care (180 minutes)
In the ultimate quest for wellness, this is a combination of your personal. Choice of healing and beauty treatments for the duration of 180 minutes.

Rp 750.000Taman Merah Glow (180 minutes)
The Ultimate relaxation treatment, begins with steam to remove toxins, followed by relaxing Balinese Massage and finishing with a organic carrot scrub and papaya body polish.

Rp 950.000Top to Toe (210 minutes)
Our most luxurious package is designed to pamper you into a state. Of supreme bliss and includes an Aromatherapy Massage, Foot Massage, Head Massage and your choice of Beauty Treatment.


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