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Royal Balinese spa present to you a different sensation from other spa in Bali with a variety of treatments is available and we use a variety of traditional quality ingredients to provide high quality spa. We have many kinds of treatments, such as our signature Balinese massage, shirodara, Bali jamu massage, honeymooner package.

Royal Balinese Spa provides a variety of unique treatments of traditional Balinese Kingdom. You will be pampered from head to toe like a king and queen of Bali. Our spa promotes healthy body, mind and soul, you will enjoy the scenery of mangroves and sea from our huge rooms while you enjoy and feel the treatment. Our treatments are carried out by the therapists who have experience both within and outside the country.

Enjoy yourself with the revitalization and relaxation of our various holistic treatments in traditional sophisticated Balinese surroundings at Royal Balinese Spa.

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Spa Menu & Rates
All rates are quoted in US$ and NET, include 21% Government Tax & Service Charge, and valid for one person or couple.

Treatments Packages
1. Royal Balinese Ancient Treatment (Balinese Herbal), Duration: 2 hrs, Price: USD 72
Our signature traditional treatment derived from ancient Balinese Kingdom with use traditional herbal ingredients which merit and used for generations for the health of the body, reduce muscle tension and soothe nerves.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Balinese Massage 60′
•    Balinese Boreh Body Wrap with Banana Leaf 30′
•    Herbs Bali Bath 20′
•    Ginger Tea / Jasmine Tea
2. Royal Refreshing Treatment ( Tropical Fruit ) Duration: 3 hrs, Price : USD 88
Enjoy our Indonesian traditional treatment using a variety of Indonesian tropical fruits such as avocado, mangosteen,pineapple and other, very useful for refreshing the body and skin rejuvenation.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Aromatic Balinese Massage 60′
•    Bali Classic Facial 30′
•    Fruity Body Scrub : Mangosteen, Avocado, Pineapple, Strawberry 30′
•    Yogurt Body Mask : Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple 30′
•    Yogurt Body Mask 30′
•    Milk Bath 20′
•    Fresh Juice + Light Meal
3. Royal Harum Sanjiwani ( Indonesian Flower), Duration: 2 hrs Price: USD 73
Indulge our special treatment by using extracts of tropical flowers such as jasmine, frangipani, and roses. Which are useful for relaxing and pamper your body, mind and soul.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Aromatherapy Balinese Massage 60′
Choice of Oil : Frangipani, Jasmine, Rose, Campaka
•    Flower Body Scrub 30′
Choice of Scrub : Jasmine, Frangipani, Campaka
•    Bali Flower Bath 20′
•    Ginger Tea / Jasmine Tea
4. Royal Bali Jamu Massage ( Herbal Balls ), Duration : 2.5 hrs, Price: USD 80
Balinese tradional treatment combine with various kind of original spice Bali land which is very useful for healthy skin and body with a ball packed in a parcel which is heated to maximize the penetration of herbal extracts through the pores of the skin and make the body become relaxed.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Bali Herbal Pouch Massage 120′
•    Herbs Bali Bath 20′
•    Ginger Tea / Jasmine Tea
5. Royal Sun burnt Recovery ( Sunburn Skin), Duration : 2 hrs, Price: USD 73
This special treatment for sensitive skin and sunburned and very useful for fertilization and revitalize the skin by using products and treatment techniques that will accelerate the process of skin rejuvenation.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Aromatherapy Massage 60′
•    Aloevera Cucumber Mask 30′
•    Bali Flower Bath 20′
•    Fresh Juice
6. Royal Ayurvedic Ritual (Duration : 2 hrs, Price: USD 74)
Feel the uniqueness of an ancient treatment that originated from India which is useful for the balance of body and soul and keep in shape and soothe muscles nerves.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Ayurvedic Massage 70′
•    Shirodara 20′
•    Herbs Bali Bath 20′
•    Ginger Tea / Jasmine Tea
7. Royal Warm Stone Massage (Hot Stone Therapy), Duration : 2 hrs, Price:  USD 70
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Warm Stone Massage 90′
•    Warm Stone Facial 20′
•    Ginger Tea / Jasmine Tea
8. Royal Bali Ayu Package ( Female Treatment ), Duration:  3.5 hrs, Price :  USD 95
This treatment is devoted to women who understand the meaning of a comprehensive health and beauty from head to toe covering sensitive areas to maintain, cleanliness and freshness of body and women’s special area.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Aromatherapy Balinese 60′
•    Choice of Body Scrub : Balinese Scrub (Murud), Lulur Kuning 30′
•    Flower Milk Bath 20′
•    Ratus V-Spa 20′
•    Nurturing Creme-Bath 70′
•    Light Meal + Ginger Tea / Jasmine Tea / Fresh Juice
9. Royal Bali Bagus Package ( Male Treatment), Duration: 3 hrs, Price:  USD 82
This treatment is devoted to the men who really pay attention to the need for health, where they have high activity in which the treatment is useful to restore vitality, health and fit body.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Balinese Massage 60′
•    Balinese Herbal Scrub (Murud) 30′
•    Herbs Bali Bath 20′
•    Foot Reflexology 60′
•    Light Meal + Ginger Tea / Jasmine Tea / Fresh Juice
10. Royal “Rama Shinta” Honeymooners Packages (Duration : 4 hrs, Price:  USD 140)
Unforgettable deep treatment for couples who crave togetherness quality from head to toe to relieve fatique and soul and create a new freshness and happiness.
•    Bali Foot Wash 10′
•    Aromatherapy Romance Massage 60′
•    Bali Classic Facial 40′
•    Balinese Boreh Scrub 25′
•    Yogurt Body Polish 25′
•    Bali Flower Bath 20′
•    Ratus V-Spa (F) & Foot Massage (M) 20′
•    Nurturing Creme-Bath 40′
•    Light Meal + Fresh Juice

A La Carte
- Royal Facial Ritual (Duration: 1 hrs, Price: USD 37)
This facial is to purify and comprehensive treatment revitalizes the skin, help reduce toxins and give a deeply relaxing.

- Royal Pedicure (Duration: 1 hrs, Price:  USD 18)
To appears a nice and healthy nail, removing the cuticle hand massage and nail polish.

- Royal Manicure (Duration :1 hrs, Price :  USD 23)
To Appears a nice and healthy nail, removing the cuticle hand massage and nail polish.

- Royal Foot Spa (Duration: 1 hrs, Price:  USD 42)
Foot Scrub, Foot Reflexology, Foot Mask, Foot Lotion.

- Balinese Massage (Duration: 1 hrs / 2 hrs, Price: USD 35 / USD 40)

- Warm Stone Reflexology (Duration: 1.5 hrs, Price:  USD 54)

- Warm Stone Massage (Duration: 1.5 hrs, Price :  USD 60)

- Royal Ratus Ayu (Duration : 20 mins, Price:  USD 10)
This special treatment for women intimacy organ to clean and maintain woman’s intimate organ.

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