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Welcome to YHI SPA a place bathed in the energy of YHI. A place to pamper all your senses in a purifying experience. Regeneration, balance and soul searching. YHI Moves is the perfect companion for a desirable lifestyle that balances health and relaxation in the amount required by the body. At YHI SPA we are committed to your well being. We offer beautiful spaces and well thought therapies that deliver SPA experience that encompasses body, soul and mind.

Yhi Spa, is a retreat from the world of stress, offering peace, tranquility and rejuvenation of the inner-self and outer body. Located at the beach front, the Yhi Spa is of traditional Balinese architecture and design. Based on traditional ingredients and recipes handed down from generations past, YHI Spa recaptured the essence of Spa therapy.

Offering rejuvenation of the inner-self and outer body, take your first step into YHI Spa. The scent of frangipani and lemongrass penetrated the equatorial air and the Balinese staff welcomes you with a cool towel and a cup of fresh ginger lemon-tea. An hour of Reflexology in Yhi Spa Garden – facing the beautiful Nusa Dua beach and the only spa garden in Nusa Dua – is a perfect way to start a retreat. Once you enter YHI SPA you are immersed in a sanctuary of aromas, sounds that awaken the spirit and the gentle touch of our expert hands.

The goal is to provide an ultimate therapy experience, incorporating a holistic approach to treatment while purifying the body, balancing the mind, and uplifting the soul. It is the essence of nature combined with professionally trained therapists which will rejuvenate the senses and instill well-being for total relaxation.
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Spa YHI Treatment Menus & Rates
All rates are quoted in US$ and NET, include 21% Government Tax & Service Charge, and valid for one person.

01. Daily Yoga Class at Fitness Center (1 Hour, rate USD 10.00)
02. Private Class at Fitness Center (1,5 Hour, Packages Price Single USD 40.00)
03. Yhi Spa Garden Yoga ( 1,5 Hour , Packages Price Single USD 60.00 & Couple USD 110.00)
Including Jacuzzi, Steam and Yhi Spa Refreshment Drink

All our spa treatments commence with our signature foot therapy designed to relax, and focus your mind, in addition to improving your blood circulation.

01. The Aromatic Balinese Way (1 Hour, Packages Price USD 54.00/Person
The Balinese use massage as a therapeutic experience from the moment of birth, take advantage of this cultural ritual with a traditional Balinese massage using aromatic oils.
02. Yhi Signature Massage ( 1 Hour, Packages Price USD 50.00/Person
A relaxing combination of several techniques fused to create an amazing experience. This treatment incorporates the fluid relaxing strokes of the Swedish technique and the toning stretches of Thai massage, while forearms and thumb pressure are also used to include Lomi Lomi and acupressure massage.A relaxing, yet invigorating treatment.
03. Yhi Signature Massage ( 1,5 Hour, Packages Price USD 85.00/Person
A relaxing combination of several techniques fused to create an amazing experience. This treatment incorporates the fluid relaxing strokes of the Swedish technique and the toning stretches of Thai massage, while forearms and thumb pressure are also used to include Lomi Lomi and acupressure massage.A relaxing, yet invigorating treatment.
04. Definition Massage (2 Hour, Packages Price USD 90.00/Person
A more therapeutic massage, ideal for chronic stiffness and soreness. Commence with a dry body brush treatment to stimulate the blood flow, followed by various deep tissue techniques and stretching, incorporated for a deeper level of bodywork. A perfect treatment to release specific areas of congestion, loosen muscle tissue, release toxins, and increase blood and oxygen circulation throughout the entire body.
05. Shiatsu ( 1 Hour, Packages Price USD 60.00/Person
Asia has long enjoyed massage as a therapy. In this treatment, based on an ancient Japanese method of healing, your therapist uses a technique applying comfortable thumb and palm pressure to certain meridian points on the body. By stimulating these points, the body and mind feel a sense of restored energy and balance.
06. Reflexology (1 Hour, Packages Price USD 50.00/Person)
This ancient art brought up to contemporary needs is based upon the theory that your feet are reflections of the body. Therefore by massaging and working points in the feet this will benefit the entire body.
07. Reflexology (1,5 Hours, Packages Price USD 70.00/Person
This ancient art brought up to contemporary needs is based upon the theory that your feet are reflections of the body. Therefore by massaging and working points in the feet this will benefit the entire body.
08. Head, Scalp & Neck Massage (1 Hour, Packages Price USD 50.00/Person
Clear your head and wash your worries away with our head, scalp and neck massage. To create full body relaxation, this treatment begins with a gentle and relaxing back massage. Next your scalp will be massaged with warm medicinal oil to leave your head above the clouds.
09. Cleansing Back Treatment ( 1 Hour , Packages Price USD 50.00/Person
Try our wonderful cleansing back treatment. Recommended for dry, congested or blemished skin. Your back will be cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and a cleansing mask will be applied. This is a perfect treatment in preparation for an important event where you will be happy to expose your glowing skin.
10. Balinese Boreh ( 1,5 Hour, Packages Price USD 75.00/Person
Start with Balinese Massage to relax the body, followed with Balinese Boreh scrub that is a centuries-old recipe used for many years to prevent cold. Not only it is recommended for you who have fever, muscle aches or cold, but this ancient heritage increases also the blood circulation and soften the skin.
11. Relaxation Massage ( 1 Hour , Packages Price USD 45.00/Person
This massage is recommended to reduce stress and tension level especially on the neck and back area without using massage oil. With additional aroma therapy in the room to relax your mind and wipe your tense away.
12. Melia Bali Bale Massage ( 1 Hour, Packages Price USD 45.00 /Person
Experience our popular Balinese Massage in one of Yhi Spa Bale. To enjoy the fresh breeze from Nusa Dua beach, you can choose Yhi Spa Beach Bale. To feel the soothing air from Melia Bali Garden, Yhi Spa Pool Bale is the one. Or if you want to indulge yourself in both ways, Yhi Spa Garden Bale is the perfect choice.
13. Foot Therapy ( 1 Hour , Packages Price USD 40.00 /Person
Includes foot Ritual and massage to cleanse excess and remaining old foot skin cells, and softens the skin, as well as relax your mind and body. It ends with a wonderful and relaxing Royal Floral Aromatic Foot bath.

A special treat for those who want a small taste of the delicacies our spa menu has to offer. Please sample one or several of our mini treatments. All of which can be tried alone or added to any of our body therapies for a truly delightful experience!
1. Natural Body Polish (30 Minutes, Packages Price USD 30.00 /Person)
Body polishing is a special exfoliating treatment for the skin, leaving the entire body glowing and shining with health. A choice of polishes is available to suit your mood and skin type.
•  Sangria Salt Glow
•  Moisturizing Coconut
•  Balinese Rempah
•  Javanese Lulur
•  Lavender Polish
•  Balinese Coffee Scrub
2. Natural Body Mask (30 Minutes, Packages Price USD 30.00 /Person)
Applied to the body, masks enrich and revitalize the skin.
•  Plant Extract
•  Mineral Mud
•  Aloe Vera, Lavender & Vitamin E.
•  Natural Honey
3. Traditional Royal Bath (30 Minutes, Packages Price USD 30.00 /Person)
Experience the art of traditional bath ritual with selections of flowers and herbals.
•  Floral Bath (combination of red flowers)
•  Cempaka, Kenanga & Frangipani flowers
•  Ginger, Lemongrass & Honey
4. Dry Body Brushing (30 Minutes, Packages Price USD 30.00/Person
An excellent prelude to any of our massage treatments. This wonderful mini treatment stimulates the blood flow to make the therapeutics of massage more effective.

1. Natural Botanical Facial (1 Hour, Packages Price USD 60.00 /Person
Our facial treatments are for ladies and gentlemen and will ensure what the world sees is you at your very best. Of course our facial treatments use pure natural botanical ingredients.
2. Anti Ageing Facial (1 Hour,15 Min, Packages Price USD 75.00 /Person)
This facial skin care from DECLOR offers you the ultimate weapon for a new and refreshed visage. An intense and moisturizing treatment helps smooth those lines.
3. Front To Back (1 Hour,15 Min, Packages Price USD 75.00 /Person)
For a really intense treatment we combine a hydrating facial treatment with a back massage which includes the application of self heating marine mud mask. This unique mud mask is applied to the spine to detoxify the body and release muscular tension.

1. Hair Cut (incl. Hair Wash & Conditioner)
•  Womans Haircut (long) Packages Price USD 30.00 /Person
•  Mans Haircut Packages Price USD 25.00 /Person
•  Children Haircut Packages Price USD 15.00 /Person
2. Hair Styling (incl. Hair Wash & Conditioner)
•  Natural Blowdry Packages Price USD 30.00 /Person
•  Soft Curl or Hair Wave Packages Price USD 30.00 /Person
•  Spiral Texture Packages Price USD 30.00/Person
•  Straight Texture Packages Price USD 30.00 /Person
3. Hair Coloring (incl. Hair Wash & Conditioner)
•  Hair Coloring permanent or semi-permanent Packages Price USD 60.00 /Person
•  Hair Coloring permanent with Highligths Packages Price USD 75.00 /Person
4. Hair Treatment (incl. Hair Wash & Conditioner)
•  Traditional Hair Cream Bath Packages Price USD 35.00 /Person
5. Hydrating Hair Treatment (Packages Price USD 45.00 /Person (Avocado, Aloe Vera or Celery)
6. Hand & Foot Care
•  Manicure Packages Price USD 35.00 /Person
•  Pedicure Packages Price USD 35.00 /Person
•  French Coloring Packages Price USD 15.00 /Person
•  Nail Coloring Packages Price USD 10.00 /Person
7. Makeup (Packages Price USD 40.00 /Person)
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01. Que Viva (2 Hours, 45 Min, Packages Price Single USD 150.00 & Couple USD 290.00)
Sangria Salt Glow, Yhi Signature Massage, Natural FacialEnjoy our spa with a day of uplifting and refreshing relaxation. Commence with our Foot Ritual, followed by our exclusive Sangria Salt Glow which is an infusion of wine, fruit oils and spices, good enough to drink! Now your body is exfoliated, detoxified and ready to enjoy the benefits of our Yhi Signature Massage. Complete this day with a Cleansing Facial from our natural botanical line of facial products.
02. Bali Sensation (2 Hours, Packages Price Single USD 100.00 & Couple USD 190.00
Dry Body Brushing, Plant Extract Body Mask, Balinese Massage. These body treatments include a dry body brush, followed by an application of our specialty plant extract body mask. You will then be cocooned to absorb the benefits of the mask. Complete the sensational treatment with a relaxing Balinese massage.
03. Slimming Experience (2 Hours,15 Min, Packages Price Single USD 105.00 & Couple USD 200.00)
Definition Massage, Algae Body Mask. Relax with our signature Cleansing Foot Ritual. Then we refine and slim those areas, which have cellulite build-up. This treatment begins with a deep tissue, Definition massage using our detoxification balm which is designed to help those areas needing definition. Next an algae body mask will be applied to improve skin tones while draining away toxins as well as fatty deposits and water retention. Truly a slimming experience.
04. Bali Memories (2 Hours,15 Min, Packages Price Single USD 90.00 & Couple USD 170.00)
Reflexology, Balinese Massage. Start with our signature Cleansing Foot Ritual designed to activate fatigued legs and feet. We gently commence by manipulating your acupressure points and meridian channels which are attended to by our skilful therapists through reflexology techniques. Relaxation will be easily attained as you gaze at the rolling sea and enjoy our tea in our Spa Garden. Now that your body is unlocked it will be ready for our native technique of Balinese Massage. This is a truly memorable experience in an atmosphere of calm and care.
05. Yhi Hydrating Oasis – Couples Package (2,5 Hours, Packages Price Single USD 115.00 & Couple USD 220.00)
Ole! Moisture Body Wrap, Mini Facial, Yhi Signature Massage, Fragrant Bath. It begins this hydrating revitalizer, which you enjoy together in the privacy of your own suite. Then follows our Ole! Body Drench treatment, a cool and refreshing experience which begins with Lavender Mist body spray followed by an aloe vera body wrap. While your body soaks up the moisture, you will enjoy a hydrating mini facial. Following this tonic, for you both, our Balinese massage uses moisture rich body lotion to soak into your skin and leave you glowing. Experience your own private oasis.
06. Balinese Love Duet (1,5 Hours, Packages Price Single USD 92.00 & Couple USD 175.00)
Foot Ritual, Balinese Massage, Traditional Royal Flower Bath, YHI Spa Flavor Cuisine. Indulge your body, mind and sense with our romantic treatment that starts with Foot Ritual, then Balinese Massage for total relaxation. To incense the romanticism into your sense, soak into our aromatic Traditional Royal Flower Bath consists of Frangipani, Kenanga & Cempaka which used for many years by Javanese Royal Princesses. As a final touch ,YHI SPA Flavour Cuisine will make the moment taste more than just romantic.
07. Day of Leisure (5 Hours, Packages Price Single USD 200.00 & Couple USD 390.00
Choice of Massage, Choice of Body Polish, Fragrant Flower Bath, Spa Cuisine, Natural Facial, Hydrating Hair Treatment. An extended opportunity to spend your day in pampered luxury. Start with your choice of massage, followed by a choice of body polish. Togetherness is a fragrant flower bath where relaxation and harmony prevails.Spend a leisurely hour enjoying lunch in our private gardens where healthy and great taste sensations are on the menu for your spa lunch. Complete the day with a natural botanical facial and a hydrating hair treatment.

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